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OCTOBER 4, 2008-2018.

4 October
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The project: read, comprehend, and (often) review 500 books between my 20th and 30th birthdays, to bring literature back into my life, and to inspire others to do the same. I think that you should read more. Yes, you.

Me: Almost 21. Besides books, I'm into animals, fish, drawing, crafts, language, mathematics, the mind, scrabble and other word games, card games, origami, exploring, new music, and thrift stores. And lots of other things. I'm vegetarian, politically semi-radical, deliberately gendered, and I DO NOT CALL MYSELF A NERD. I like to stack things / take things apart, I overthink interactions, and I have some sensory issues. So I come off as kind of strange (forgive me this, because it's true I'm aware of it.) I don't really dig technology. I love talking with people. I'm surprised the project has come this far. Here's to the next nine years.